Monday, February 16, 2015

The Book That Made Me Smile

If you look at the date of the last post on this blog, you will notice that it was quite a while ago! I haven't really blogged since the car accident I was in 9 months and a day ago. Thanks to a very dear friend, PJ LaRue, there was a blog blast hosted by Mother Daughter book reviews. If you are curious about what happened to me you can read more here. 

By this time you're probably wondering why I'm blogging. To tell you about my accident? No, I'm not ready to rehash that yet. 

Earlier today I passed photo of myself taken shortly after my accident. In this photo, I hadn't woken up yet. It's a very somber photo and it's also a cruel reminder of things lost in the accident. I can't tell you why, but I broke down and I began to cry very hard. I could no longer focus on my art which is what I was originally intending to look at. So I closed that folder. 

When I closed it there was a book up on my Kindle Cloud Reader. It's called Doc Tails: Snow On My Face.

So I started reading this book, and then my tears dissipated. I broke into a grin. When that silly dog licked his face I started giggling. This book erased every bad feeling I was having and reminded me that life is great.

It is a short, sweet, and simple book about a dog named Doc playing in the snow. The pictures are bright and the text is very easy to follow. I loved this book and it now holds a special place in my heart.

Who knew a happy puppy playing in the snow would get me blogging again?

You can find Doc Tails: Snow On My Face on Amazon.

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