Friday, December 16, 2016

11 Sites and Apps to Help Writers Get Organized


Set a deadline. Fill out a questionnaire about your characters. Lots of other nice features.

Hit TRY in the lower right-hand corner of the black box to use this tool for free. Write or get a punishment (an annoying sound).

Don’t like negative reinforcement? Written Kitten uses positive reinforcement. You get shown a kitten as a reward for writing.

Lock yourself out of all websites except the ones that will help you with your productivity.

This app is a real life saver. Tells you about sentences that might be too long. Tells you about adverbs. Just in general, a nice editing app.

Write stories, create characters, brainstorm, and set deadlines

Organize your novel and save it to the cloud.

I swear by Google Docs. I write all my first drafts here, just in case! If your computer randomly restarts or crashes or something else awful happens, your work will still be waiting for you in Google Docs.

Write 750 words (or 3 pages) a day. The site is in French.



Set deadlines and reward yourself if you meet the deadlines. Sends you reminders about your word count.

Character Story Planner

Like WordCradle, but a phone app.

Did I miss a good one? Please let me know in the comments!

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