Friday, September 1, 2017

New Release - Mia's Lists of Ten

Mia is here!

A little bit about Mia:

14-year-old Mia can’t seem to stop making lists. Somehow, Michael Across The Hall gets into all of them. Before long, he and Mia are involved in a crazy adventure. And Mia’s lists now include murderous ducks and an out-of-control singing chef!

Some Quotes from Mia

"Daniella has two brothers and three sisters. Maybe this is why she is better at sharing things (like boyfriends) and I am not so good at it. We only children are not taught the fine art of sharing." - Mia, Mia's Lists of Ten

"He seems smart. He answered all the questions the teacher asked correctly. Okay, well, the one he answered he got right. And even though it was only one question, I still feel like he is smart." - Mia, Mia's Lists of Ten

"Daniella said that since I said I was going to do it then I should. Because apparently, I should stick to the things I say I am going to do. That is her opinion anyway." - Mia, Mia's Lists of Ten

You can read a first chapter preview for Mia's Lists of Ten here.

Or head straight to Amazon.

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