Monday, September 11, 2017

Teddy's Review of Heart of Rock by Becca Price

 I recently read Heart of Rock by Becca Price. Heart of Rock is a book about a village that believes they need a special rock in order to protect their village from villains. Unfortunately, the rock they took belongs to gargoyles who need it to live. If the gargoyles live, then they could help protect the village.

Each of the villagers who sets out to find the heart of rock ends up failing tests that have been set out for them by the gargoyles. But one cobbler with a kind heart might just pass them.

This book is a wonderful read with a great moral message. It is also entertaining, told in a very fairy-tale style that all children of all ages will enjoy. This was one of my favorite styles of writing to read when I was a child myself. It is a good length to read as a bedtime story as well.

This book gave me warm feelings and happy memories of sitting with my mom, reading out of my big fairy-tale book. Becca Price tells stories that are perfect for modern day readers in a lovely old-fashioned style that will capture the attention of anyone who reads her work.

Open this book and let the adventure begin!

This review is part of the Back To School blog tour being hosted by Tiffany Turner.

Find an interview with Becca Price here! 

You can buy the book here!

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