Wednesday, November 13, 2013

My First "Book Tour"

On June 13, 2013, I convinced my mom to go walking downtown with me. We took a few copies of the books with us.

We visited the library. After oohing and ahhing over the cute puppies in Tell Me How You Say Good Night, they graciously accepted my donation of a copy.

We visited AJ's Fashion And Beauty Supplies. We had been here once before. We had talked to AJ and he had agreed to carry a few consigned copies of both my books. I provided him with a few copies of Tell Me How You Say Good Night and the only copy of Destiny And Faith Go To Twincentric Academy that I had left.

He bought Destiny And Faith and two copies of Tell Me How You Say Good Night for his own grandkids.

Then he added the remaining books to the display.

With a borrowed outfit from the store, I posed as Julia's Twin which was a whole lot of fun.

In order to help promote the store, I stood outside as Julia waving to cars that went by. I didn't expect to receive much response, but a few people waved back or honked.

After AJ's, we moved on and went to visit The Book Shop on Main Street. The Book Shop's owner, Carl Miller, graciously offered me a spot to carry consigned copies in the store. The books could stay there as long as they needed! He cleared a spot on the front display where the books could easily be seen. 

I was so excited, I had my mom take a picture.

At this point, I really couldn't help feeling a bit like a celebrity.

We took my photo outside of The Book Shop, and I promised that I would post the photos of the shop on my Facebook and website and encourage people to check out the shop.

If you live in Poplar Bluff, Missouri or are simply vacationing here, I do highly recommend The Book Shop and Aj's Fashion And Beauty Supplies. 

They are both great shops with very friendly people working in them!

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