Monday, November 11, 2013

Tell Me How You Say Good Night: My First Picture Book

In February 2013, my rescue dog gave birth to six beautiful puppies. I took lots of pictures. 

After Alistair became sick and died on April 9, 2013, putting the pictures together to make a book became a grief project. It was part of my healing.

Eventually, I decided on the theme of saying "Good Night" in different languages. My mom, Angie Dickens, and I began working together on the project. She helped me think of cute, rhyme-y stuff to say and picking the best pictures. 

We turned out to be a great team.

In May 2013, Tell Me How You Say Good Night was released. I was so excited that I immediately had my mom take pictures of me holding the book. 

I learned something new. The photographs got way more attention than simply posting the cover and linking to Amazon. 

Also, I had joined the ranks of picture book authors. My road had expanded, become wider.

New doors were open to me.

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