Friday, November 22, 2013

Review And A Giveaway

"Wrap your mind and heart around a good story," is the motto for Marilyn Panton's blog Storywraps. We can definitely get on board with that motto! 

Marilyn Panton's blog is cute and adorable with lots of great books and reviews. There is plenty of information, but the site is not confusing at all. That's why we thought Marilyn would be a perfect reviewer for Tell Me How You Say Good Night.

Well, Marilyn also decided to do a giveaway with the book. 

It is signed by Angie Dickens.

It is signed by Teddy O'Malley (that's me.)

And it is a limited edition cover. (Alistair wrapped in blankets)

"Who doesn't love an adorable, sweet puppy?  Who doesn't like a snuggly bedtime story while you're all curled up in your bed with mommy reading to you, cuddling with you and getting ready to say good night?  These furry, puppy beauties will warm your heart as you flip the pages and see those adorable faces looking back at you with their big brown eyes.  They make you want to reach into the book and give each one a big hug!  What makes this book unique and stand out from other bed time stories out there?  Let me tell you."

Continue reading this review and check out the giveaway on Marilyn's blog!

P.S She's also posted the first three pages of the book for viewers of her blog to sample.

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